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French River Canoe Trip: The Photos!

August 27, 2009

I picked a few of the more indicative pics of the trip.  Hopefully they show that my goals of water, trees, rocks and fire were achieved!

Morning mist off the river

Our mode of transportation (Novacraft are built in London!)    Drying everything out after a rather soggy Day 1

The firepit and my absolutely anal stacks of firewood and kindling (FIRE! me likies)
After Day 1, it was really hard to stop running around yelling ‘I have made FIRE!’ a la Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Cardinal Flower                                 One of  only a few wild blueberries

 One of many froggies     Little caterpillar friend
Random prettiness – I love the Canadian shield!

The rapids we very nearly got too close to and an example of what happens when you do – that’s a canoe in the middle of the rapids. EEK!

Sunsets from two of the sites

View off the dock the last day – apparently breakers mean about 25 knot winds!

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