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Playoff Journal: Traveling Canucks

April 30, 2010

This year, with my Leafs out far before the playoffs started, I moved on to cheering for the Canadian teams. With the exception of the Senators, of course. I could never cheer for them – they are our provincial rival and just annoy the heck out of me.

Now during the season, I would barely give the Habs a chance – they too are our rivals, but now? Well there were only two Canadian teams in the playoffs that I paid attention to and the Canadiens were one of them. The Canucks were worthy of a look as well, going into the playoffs with the best hope of carrying home the Cup of any of the Canadian teams.

I avidly watched the first half of the first round, but then vacation called. And not only was I going away, I was going away to a place where I would not have any access to anything hockey related.  After leaving Houston airport on the evening of the 20th, I was incommunicado.  The nausea and dizziness I experienced in Quito couldn’t have anything to do with withdrawal symptoms could it?

Upon meeting my fellow adventurers, I found out that of the 12 of us, 8 were Canadians – most of whom were quite interested in knowing just about any news about the ongoing playoffs. I didn’t have good news for either the Vancouver girls nor the Ottawa folk.  To the best of my knowledge when I arrived, both teams were down 2-1 in their respective series. But it sure was a great ice-breaker to be able to share our love of hockey (Leafs, Sens, Canucks).

For five days I and my fellow Canucks were amazed by the wonders of the Galapagos Islands, but when we all returned to Quito on the 25th and all 8 Canadians went out for a farewell dinner – our thoughts again returned to the NHL playoffs.  Had the Canucks recovered to defeat the Kings? Had the Sens managed to push the defending champs out? It was hard not to fret knowing we couldn’t find out until we returned to North America.

Finally, while sitting in Houston, I activated my Blackberry to find… Joy! Vancouver had ousted the Kings, the Sens had lost as predicted and wonder of wonders – the Habs had pushed the series to seven games and I would be home in time to see it!

While I loved all of my vacation, one of the best parts was that wherever you go – you can find Canadian hockey fans! Go Habs Go! Go Canucks Go!

Bring on Round 2!

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