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R.I.P. Derek Boogaard

May 14, 2011

After taking a one-day break from Twitter to gear myself up for a weekend of Conference final hockey, I woke this morning to terrible news in the hockey world. The sadness felt when a favoured team loses a game is nothing compared to the loss Derek Boogaard‘s family feels today.  Various reports say details are sketchy or limited, but all they, his friends and teammates know, is that he is gone far too early.

I didn’t get to watch Derek play too often in his career in the NHL, as he rarely played against the Leafs until he moved to the Rangers this past season.  I do know from recent tweets and articles, that not only was he a fearsome defender of his team on the ice, but a well-respected teammate off it.

Due to the lack of details surrounding his passing, there are many rumours as to its cause. To those who are speculating on his death simply because the anonymity of the internet allows it, yes, there is freedom of speech. But there is also common courtesy. This is not the forum in which to discuss his choice to fight, concussions in hockey, or the myriad effects of drugs or energy drinks. A young man left behind a grieving family and group of friends, pass on your condolences, not your unfounded rumours.

Rest in peace, Boogey Man.

Rangers forward Boogaard dead at age 28

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