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London Day of Action!

January 22, 2012

London Day of ActionMy previous post outlined the basic of the current state of affairs between Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) and Caterpillar (Fat Cat). Subsequent to Caterpillar’s lockout of the unionized employees of EMD, the London Day of Action was held on January 21st, with participation from unions and labour organizations from both Canada and the United States, including representatives from the US-based unionized workers of General Electric (a direct rival in locomotive manufacturing) . Local municipal, provincial and federal politicians also appeared to speak and show their support to those assembled. Not surprising was the absence of representation from the federal Conservatives or the Prime Minister, who has declared that it is not within federal jurisdiction.

Despite chilly feet and poor audio that prevented many from hearing the various speeches, there was a great out-pouring of support, ranging from a rendition of O’ Canada to a chant of ‘Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!’  The mayor himself called upon the Prime Minister to come to London and make a difference.  A great many of people holding signs and union flags then proceeded to board buses and move the action to the picket line out on Oxford St.

January 21st was another day for the 99% to show the 1% that they are worthy of notice. That the people who provide the wealth are deserving of their fair share of it. All these workers want is what is their due, so they can support their families.  Surely this is something everyone can emphasize with?

Lastly – a sign seen at the rally: “Soon all the poor will have to eat are the rich”


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