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Picketers Block EMD Locomotive in Ingersoll & a Local Retailer Shows Support

January 26, 2012

The protest in support of London’s locked-out EMD employees has spread from the picket lines on Oxford St. From the picketers in front of the plant, a blockade has now appeared in nearby Ingersoll, where supporters blocked the movement of the last locomotive to be built at the Electro-Motive. Moved prior to the lock-out, it appears the intent is to have the locomotive painted in Ingersoll and then moved to a buyer. Word is that the blockade will continue through the night.

Many local retailers and businesses have had signs in their windows showing their support for the locked out workers.  Many sympathize with the sense that the cuts are ridiculous when the corporation, now labelled Fat Cat, has been turning a large profit. A further showing of faith occurred today when 3 local TSC stores pulled all Fat Cat products from their shelves, and upon further investigation, they’ve been removed from their website as well.  I applaud TSC for supporting the local labour and their clientele.

Despite the fact that I believe that this may be a futile stance, I also believe that this is important evidence of the support for Joe Worker.  Joe is who this country is built upon, who supports the economy by both creating commodities and buying them.  Joe deserves to be able to support his (her) family and keep a roof over their head.   Psst. 99%-ers – how do you think you got where you are? On the back of Joe. Support Joe, because without Joe – there won’t be much of a future.


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