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A Hockey Fan’s Dilemma

April 14, 2012

Its spring and for hockey fans the world over, there is no shortage of ‘meaningful’ games to watch.  Even fans whose favourite teams have already been eliminated can find a game that appeals to them. Almost every league has just started its playoffs  (NHL, AHL, CHL – including the QMJHL, OHL and WHL, and ECHL), there are world championships (Women’s, U-18 Men’s, Men’s upcoming in May), and the NCAA Frozen Four, CIS and CWHL Championships have  just been completed.

For Canadian-based hockey fans, there are games on local cable (Rogers for me), TSN – both the primary channel and TSN2, and of course – CBC. Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) has always been at the heart of NHL fans across Canada. And therein lies my dilemma. How do I decide which games to watch when there are so many being televised at the same time?!

For although my Leafs are again on the sidelines and the Calgary Flames have punted yet another Sutter;  my local London Knights are in the midst of the OHL Western Conference playoffs, Team Canada is vying for the Women’s World Championship and I still love the Stanley Cup Playoffs despite not having a favourite. Today, April 14th 2012, there are two decisive games I want to watch: Game 6 between the London Knights and Saginaw Spirit and the gold medal game between Team Canada and Team USA.  And of course they are both scheduled to start at approximately the same time. *headdesk*

To top it all off, I will be attending a pizza night get-together with my gf. No dilemma, you say? Most of these friends are not hockey fans. Yes, it is possible to be friends with me and not like hockey. Difficult, but possible.  So you see, I not only have to determine how to follow both games, but how to do it politely.  I am fortunate that I live in a technical age in which my trusty Blackberry can keep me up to date on both games (are you hearing me Tweeps? Keep me up to date!), but is it socially kosher to pay more attention to my electronic conversations than my in-person folk? I’ll let you know tomorrow. If I’m still breathing.

P.S. I’ll be depending on Twitter and Scoremobile to keep me going.

P.P.S. Go Knights Go! and Go Canada Go!

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