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Onions, garlic and a shallot

October 21, 2012

Another non-hockey post, partly because I didn’t have time to watch hockey whilst I was outside cleaning up the yard and partly because I am going to start blathering about my yard/house/cooking stuff from time to time.  I’ve been a little off the grid lately because of work, which on one hand, is good – it means I am employed and have lots of work. On the other hand, it means I’ve been run-down and kind of exhausted of late, meaning I can’t do much more than watch hockey and not blog about it and only do my outside chores on the nice days of the weekends, of which this was one.

My partner and I have been hoping to start growing and eating some of our own veggies and herbs both to help us control what we eat and to control some costs. The added benefit (?) is being outside and exercising. Gardening is hard work! Especially when you are really starting from scratch and with limited and/or general knowledge of how to grow stuff.

This year, I took out my all my pent up energy on the roots of a small boxwood hedge that my honey had taken a decided dislike to.  She pruned it back and I hacked out as much of the roots as I could and then weeded like the dickens for a while until we then had a somewhat desert wasteland of a front garden bed.  As this was going to be ‘her’ herb garden, I let her do all the planning and aided and abetted by doing all the bedding/weeding/application of weed cloth and mulching.  K did all the planting and ‘designing’ of the bed.

After a period of acclimatization, our herbs (tarragon, walking onion, chives, oregano, creeping thyme, sage and lovage) all grew happily to the point at which we could harvest and use our own herbs. All in one growing season!  It took some time, but we have a thriving herb garden (we have harvested enough to dry and there is more if anyone in the local area would like some.

The next stage happened over the past month, where I removed all the detritus of inattention from another small (4×8) somewhat raised bed, that had been used by the previous owners for who knows what.  I tore out the existing weed cloth  – it had been penetrated by grasses etc. so the only way to remove the grasses was to remove the cloth as well. I didn’t replace it, so we’ll see what happens.  I dug it down a bit, but hit tree roots, which is probably the reason said previous owners installed the weed cloth.

Today, I raked, mixed in 6 small barrow loads of topsoil and tamped it down before the top again.  I planted some onion sets, a shallot (yes, just one – the others had gone to mush) and some garlic cloves. After tamping them down and covering with some leaf mulch, I’m hoping they survive the marauding squirrels and the ravages of winter.  I’m crossing fingers in the hopes that I will see some sprouts in the spring.

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  1. October 21, 2012 10:54 PM

    We are the ladies of shallot 😉

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