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Who are YOU Remembering?

November 9, 2012

November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada. It is a single day out of the year in which we are asked to specifically remember the sacrifices that have been made and are continuing to be made by members of our armed forces every day. My work colleagues and I share a special bond with the armed forces of several nations, and particularly our own.

Various branches of Canada’s armed forces have been deployed all around the world, fighting in the World Wars, performing peacekeeping missions and generally being sent where help is needed due to conflict or acts of nature.  It is their choice to stand for the rights of those of us at home, for those who cannot or do not. It is at our direction (via the government) that they are sent into danger.

Every one of my colleagues knows or interacts on a daily basis with someone who is currently or has been, a member of Canada’s armed forces. I want us to remember every day, that it is not just a job that we do. It is not just a vehicle or part that we sell. It is a duty that we perform so that they can perform theirs – safely.

I want us all to remember on that exhausting day at work, that what we do, matters. We are responsible for developing and creating a product that is meant to protect people from harm. We tend to forget that while we are chasing paper, bemoaning bureaucracy and red-tape.  It may not feel like lives are in danger while we go about our daily tasks, but a small mistake can snowball into a catastrophic failure.

We have a poster shown in our facility that says something along the lines of ‘Everything you do, affects this man.’ And it points to a soldier.  Let’s remember that when we feel crushed under the weight of the work we do. Take pride in the fact that we directly support our armed forces.  Our work is important, too.

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