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London Loses a Landmark: RIP Novack’s

November 19, 2012

To my dismay and great personal sadness, I found out that my favourite store in all of London – is closing its doors. Forever.  After 73 years, Novack’s, London, Ontario’s local independent outfitter will be gone.

Since I arrived here some 23 years ago in pursuit of higher education, Novack’s has been where I go to prepare for every excursion I’ve ever been on, large or small.  I’ve taken bandannas with me on short hikes along the Thames River within the city limits, water bottles on longer hikes in Southwestern Ontario, my Thermarest goes with me on every trip to Algonquin Park, my favourite outdoors clothes went with me to Australia and the Galapagos Islands and when I haven’t time to actually physically move – travel books take me places from the comfort of my sofa. There are other outdoor stores, but none will hold the same attraction as Novack’s.

As a child, when looking for a gift, my mother told me that I should “buy something that I would like myself.” This store was where I went to find a unique gift for almost any occasion. It is also one of the first and last places I shopped for Christmas. When I had a specific need, I found myself in their shop. When I was at a loss, I went to Novack’s.  And finally, when I had spare time, I found myself wandering through.

I will miss finding the best travel/outdoor books, I will miss finding  the latest outdoor gear and I will miss picking up that last item or items that I need before heading out on the water, through the trees or overseas. Mostly, I will miss the personnel who knew their stuff so well. Whether the shoulder/messenger bag for school, a pack for day hikes or a stove for a longer trip – their advice was always thoughtful and based on experience.

Thanks to those staff members who have helped me in the past and good luck to you in  your future. In terms of karma, you have accumulated a great deal that I am sure will assist you in every endeavour. Fond farewells from a sad patron.

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  1. November 28, 2012 1:30 PM

    So THAT’s what the long lineup was about. I’m sad to hear it too! 😦

    • November 28, 2012 9:20 PM

      Yes, the retail biz is closing and their blowout sale started last Thursday with people lining up around the block the night before!

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