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Recent Happy Things!

December 16, 2012

Near the end of October I started my 30 Days of Happiness Challenge, courtesy of the Smile Epidemic.  Not only was it an enjoyable activity at the end of the day, I found it fun to describe to my friends and colleagues as well. To top it off, and this really is the point of the exercise, I found myself continuing the process after the 30 days were up.  There were sooooo many things that made me smile during each day and it made every day so much better to focus on those happy things.

The day or so, its been really difficult to smile for many people around the world, as they read about tragedies (particularly the one in Newtown, CT). A lot of discussion has been happening in the internet world and angry words, sorrowful words, prayerful words – lots of words have been thrown around.  Because it hurts everyone, I’d like to remind myself that there are still happy things happening. Things that make me smile.

I’m not writing about happy things to ignore the terrible things that are happening around the world – I’m writing about happy things because I want to remind myself (and others) that the good outweighs the bad. That good things are happening in our lives. Remember those things.

Here are some of the things that have made me happy recently, in no particular order:

Additional notes on the happy: shopping with my friend who understands my weird sense of humour (ie. the Paddington mack), finding the smurf-sized tire iron on the side of the road made me giggle forever – I mean, who else could use it?, my London Knights are scheduled to aim for their 21st win in a row Sunday afternoon, Sunday morning mochi with my girl and especially that so many friends n family came to share our engagement happiness made us realize just how much love we have around us.

Warm and fuzzies to everyone – we deserve it at this time of year.

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