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Spring is here. Sort of. Kinda.

April 20, 2013

Last fall, I tidied up the oddly placed raised bed in our front yard. I say oddly placed, because it was there when I bought the house and is tucked between a large weeping cedar, some shrubs and the privet hedge. Just a weird place to put a raised bed.

In any case, I thought that since it was already in existence, I should make use of it (before my erstwhile partner makes me remove it because it looks out of place).  A little digging, weeding, shredding and a few barrow loads of soil later and I was ready to plant.  Since I’m not the best gardener, this was a bit of an experiment.

A few onion sets, a few garlic cloves, a single shallot, many squirrel battles and a reasonably mild winter later and… I have garlic sprouts! A few straggly onions but sadly no shallot.  At least not that I can tell. But the fact is, my garlic looks quite healthy despite today’s lovely spring snowfall.

Next on the list is my over-engineered, over-planned raised bed veggie garden. Being an engineer, the over-engineered design is a given. Its what we do. We design the Cadillac version of everything. This is a 6’x4’x1.5′ fortress for… dirt and plants. But I figure – if things can’t get out, maybe things (I’m looking at you, rabbit) can’t get in? Nah…

With some help from friends, I have the wood and tools all ready in the basement. Now if Mother Nature would cooperate and cut it out with the torrential rain and now the snow, I’d be able to prep the ground and get this bed on the roll!  Instead, I will have the boards cut and pre-drilled for construction outside whenever it gets nice enough to do so.

Spring in London, Ontario has been soggy and chaotic. We’ve had days of 23 degrees and weeks of torrential rain and now, back to negative temperatures and snow. Typical Canadian spring.

I hate that groundhog.

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