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Best Laid Garden Plans, Garlic and a Bunny

May 11, 2013

So… the torrential rain has subsided and its been quite warm. T-shirt n shorts weather as they say up here. But. There’s always a but with Canadian seasons. There’s also a reason that experienced folk say that one should not plant before Victoria Day Weekend (also known as May 2-4, even if it doesn’t fall on the 24th of May).

In preparation for finally putting in my highly anticipated raised veggie bed this weekend, I ordered and received a load of dirt. Together with the framework, I’m all set, right? Mother Nature is once again saying “Nope!”  Instead, I’m anticipating rain and the possibility of frost.

I’m hoping my happily growing garlic (almost a foot tall now!) and our herbs will survive the unexpected frost after a warm spell in which they got enough water to spring up almost as we watched!  The chives and green onions are flourishing, as are the lovage, oregano and tarragon, all of which I cut back severely before the winter. The sage and lavender plants were looking  a bit ragged, but a little bit of trimming and the warm weather and rain have been good to them as well.

I am still planning to get the bed ready, but I’ll wait until it warms up again to plant my seeds and cover the bed (again, the bunny …).  Hope Mother Nature is looking kindly at my efforts and will bring back the warm sun and reasonable amounts of rain to help me out. The herbs did well last year and were lovely in soups, stews and salads. While I expect the furry and feathered neighbours to make their inroads, I’m crossing fingers that we’ll have some veggies this summer.

Two other outdoor events for the spring:

  1.  I tried to patch up my lawn and dutifully spread topsoil and overseeded and watered.  This attracted the birds, of course, and even a pair of mallard ducks.  Unfortunately, I may not see the ‘fruits of my labour,’ as it were.  I came home the day after I’d finished the front half of the lawn to a stake in my lawn, indicating the property line. It also came with a visit from a city contractor who indicated that they would be digging up the lawn to replace gas lines. Right where I’d seeded. Yay.
  2. Baby DovesPosted a picture of a pair of baby mourning doves that were sitting under my hedge. In the foreground was a non-descript weed.  At least I thought it was non-descript, until a friend identified it as an invasive plant named garlic-mustard. To date, I had simply pulled it out and thrown it out with the regular yard waste. Now I am pulling it out, but throwing it in a bag and tossing into the garbage vs the yard waste that may end up in city composting.

I’m learning about my environment every day. While I curse my furry and to a lesser extent, feathered friends on occasion, I do enjoy seeing them pass by. My plans include removing invasive species on my property as I identify them and planting local and indigenous trees and shrubs when and as I can. Just doing everything to make our little part of the world a better place.

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