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My First ‘Crop’!

June 15, 2013

This past week I harvested the first ‘crop’ from my latest attempt at edible gardening – garlic scapes!  Until this year, I didn’t even know that garlic scapes existed, let alone grew them. Nor did I know what to do with them until recently.

While I researched how garlic was supposed to grow, I discovered that the pre-flowering scapes could be removed to theoretically encourage the plant to devote its energy to growing larger bulbs. Whether this actually helps is debatable, but the scapes are definitely edible.

Armed with this knowledge, I eagerly awaited the appearance of the scapes in order to taste them for myself.  I was not disappointed. In fact, the only disappointment was that I only have 8 garlic plants and thus, only 8 scapes.  I harvested the first three to curl and chopped them with chives into butter and made garlic-scape/chive mashed potatoes. The remaining scapes I used in a tomato pasta sauce.  The aroma from the sauteeing scapes is heavenly.

I’m so happy with my first ever tiny crop. Hurray for small successes!

Here are the three stages of garlic scapes:


I started my garlic in the fall and this is in the following June.

Garlic Scapes

Scapes with single curl, if left on their own, another curl and a bulbil will form where the yellow bit is now.

Chives n Garlic Scapes

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