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Stay-cation = Yard Progress

June 25, 2013

The more I read/research, the more I feel like I am never going to have the tidy yard with a veggie garden and little patio that I’ve envisioned since I bought the house. I’ve finally taken a few days off, some of which have been earmarked for addressing the mass amount of yard work (including the veggie gardening) that I feel I am years behind on.

I’m trying not to be obvious about ignoring the disaster on the other side of the fence in the laneway that backs on to my yard. I’m not responsible for that mess, but it encroaches onto my yard so… You get the picture.

Ok, so maybe not a whole lot of progress yet, but things are slowly pushing along. The weeds have been whacked from  the driveway and the sidewalks have been edged. I’ve started pushing the weeds back in the jungle of the back yard, blowing through another battery pack on the weed whacker. Maybe I’ll be able to mow the back yard by the end of the week.

Happy front yard progress. I mentioned in my last post that I had my first new tomato bloom – and here it is! In fact, as of today, there is another bloom open 🙂

First Cherry Tomato Flower!

Next, I stated that I’d possibly murdered my newly found sorrel. Newly found, because I had originally thought it was actually lovage.  In any case, good news on that front. After cutting it back from 5 feet tall and flowering down to the ground, I have evidence of regrowth!

Flowering Sorrel      Re-sprouting sorrel     Mangled Basil

There’s only one problem.  The struggling little sorrel leaves are being attacked by the same critter that is attacking my basil. And when I say attacking, I mean mowing down ravenously. Several of the leaves are chomped down to the veins. My first line of defence is spraying the plants in the evenings with biodegradable soapy water.

I haven’t had any trouble with bugs before and the only victims are the mini rosebush, the sweet basil and the sorrel. I’ve just started the soapy water treatment  (last night) so I’ll have to wait and see if it works. I really hope it does, because the basil really recovered well from its early transplanting blues.

I don’t actually know what the critter is, as I haven’t been able to find it, yet.  But I need a solution, because I am anticipating a crop of shiso (perilla) shortly.  Crossing fingers that whatever it is, is deterred by the soapy water.

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