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HTC One is MINE!

July 25, 2013


A month or so ago, I dithered about upgrading to the latest Blackberry offering or changing stride entirely to embrace an Android. (yeah, I know that sounds a little off, but bear with me.) After 5 plus years of owning at least one BB, I have decided it is time to part ways and love my new phone, the HTC One.

Part of this is because it grew on me after the two week trial period, partly because I didn’t want the hassle of switching to another phone and partly because it is a pretty darn sexy phone. I am an engineer, after all, and I like my tech.

So, given the annoyances I voiced in the first post about my new phone, what changed, you ask?

  1. Clear and loud sound. In fact, almost too loud.  Even when I turn the volume down as low as it will go, its still loud enough to be heard by someone else if they’re next to you.  The speakers really work well when showing off video and I use the phone as my mobile music machine when working on loads of data – which I do almost every day at work.
  2. I know I started out being really annoyed with Blinkfeed’s lack of options, but what they do feed me is fun to look at for a quick glimpse of what’s going on in my feeds.  Plus, having tweeted at HTC about the lack of hockey feeds, I was a little amused that whoever is behind their account at least has a sense of humour.toHTCfrom htc
  3. I’m getting to understand the camera functions.  I still don’t like it as much because the phone is very large and hard to hold with one hand to do anything, let alone take pictures.
  4. Again with the size factor. I need to put a case on my new baby, but any case that adds sufficient protection, will also add bulk, making it even more difficult to pocket carry. As well, a good protective case will detract from the sexiness of the phone. More sadness. I haven’t decided yet, but I think I will be going with a Seidio – either the Surface or the Active. Not sure if its worth my while to get a holster since the phone is so big, I’ve no idea how I could possible hang it on my belt.
  5. Finally, I began to become familiar with the operation of Android phones. I’m not totally there yet, but I’m finding things out every day (no, I didn’t download the manuals) and having a partner who already knows their way around is really helpful. To be honest, the learning curve was the most maddening and frustrating thing of the whole business.

And so it has come to pass that I have forsaken my trusty Blackberry and have made the transition (at least for two – three years) to the Android-based HTC One. I was seduced by its sexy chassis and have come to at least live with the Android OS. At some point, I may rejoin the faithful, but for now – on with the HTC One!

PS: When transitioning from my BB to the HTC One, Bell lovingly managed to remove my call display and voicemail features without telling me.  Thus I have been ignoring calls from people I know (like my MOM!) because I typically do not answer ‘Unknown’ callers.  Not impressive. And yet another way to try to wean me from my grandfathered corporate plan that had everything built in (including call display, voicemail and lower long distance rates).  Why does the BB plan have to be different from your any-other-than-BB plan? Just so you can gouge me when I have to get my plan re-done because suddenly I don’t have the features I had before? Sigh.

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