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Fruit & Herb Infused Water

August 3, 2013

A month ago I decided that I’d try making some infused water because: A) it sounded interesting and I am trying to drink more water, B) I had some fruit that I couldn’t eat before I left for the long weekend and C) why not?  I had just been gifted with some cheap but amazingly sweet local strawberries (Southwestern Ontario, get your behinds to Heeman’s – they have the best berries, ever!), but I was about to leave for almost a week and wouldn’t be able to eat all three pints before I went.

I went for three solutions – eat one pint fresh (not all to myself!), clean and pack up a few to take on the trip, and chop up a few with some lemon and home-grown, fresh basil to infuse some water!  Of course, eating the fresh berries was simple – I love fresh strawberries!  Freezing? Also pretty easy with help from my partner.  Last, but not least – infusing the water – I just chucked slices of lemon (rind and all), sliced and bruised basil and sliced strawberries into a pitcher of water and threw it in the fridge.

(L-R) Strawberry/Lemon/Basil (fresh pitcher), glass of same next day, Black Cherry/Lime/Mint (fresh pitcher)

Strawberry, Lemon, Mint infused waterStrawberry, Lemon & Basil infused water glassBlack Cherry & Lime Infused Water

The next day I tasted a glassful – some flavour, and it actually looked much more pinkish than the picture would lead you to believe.  Three days later when we came back from our trip? Amazingly tasty. And you can refill the pitcher at least once because the fruit actually stays fresh in the water (you can also add some fresh slices as well).

Having been pleasantly surprised by the lovely flavour of the Strawberry/Lemon/Basil infusion, and having brought back a bag of lovely black cherries, I decided to try a Black Cherry/Lime/Mint – also allowing it to stand in the fridge for a couple of days.  NOT so amazingly tasty to me. GF liked it just fine. It was so… lime-y. And despite the fact that the cherries were extremely sweet, they didn’t impart any of that sweetness to the water. Fail.

If you’re interested, I used about 5 large strawberries, 6 small leaves of basil and a quarter of a lemon (+/-), all of which were sliced, in a litre of water (I love my little pitchers, they have a 1 litre mark on them).  For the cherry version – a handful, pitted and sliced in quarters, half a lime (waaaay too much, working on the right combo) and 5/6 bruised mint leaves.  As I said, I didn’t like it much, but that may be because of the excessive lime. My gf thought it was tasty so I’m still going to try for a better batch.

We have some blackberries at the moment, so I’m tempted to try out something with them – after my second and third batches of the Strawberry/Lemon/Basil are consumed 🙂  Nothing like fresh fruit and cold water to brighten up a warm, sunny day. Now if only Mother Nature would cooperate with a warm, sunny day!

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