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Beet Sprouts!

August 7, 2013

Having harvested my onions and garlic, there is space in my raised bed for… beets! And possibly carrots.   I’ve never grown beets, but the package said they should germinate in about 10-12 days. I decided to hasten things along a bit by using a seed flat with a lid. This also gives me time to clean up the bed and add some more soil and compost etc.

Day 2 – I unexpectedly found…these! On the far left bottom and in the middle row second from the right, I have sproutage!

Beet Sprouts Day 2 - Aug 6 2013

Day 3 – If I was surprised at having sprouts within two days, imagine my happiness when I saw this when I got up this morning and inspected the flat. 21/30 have sprouted and the biggest are almost 1″ tall! Happy beet fan here 🙂

Beet Sprouts - Day 3 - Aug 7 2013

I was so pleased that I took the flat outside for some added warmth this evening when I got home from work.

To the left hand side (I planted 30 beets), I’ve planted some red shiso (perilla) in the hopes that some of it sprouts. They were soaked for two days in water and then planted in damp soil, so I’m hoping for some sprouts. I had zero success with this technique and planting in an outside window box (which is actually sitting on the porch). I’m not sure if they came up all green, as I’d planted them alongside green shiso seeds, hoping for a pretty mix of red and green.  I do have a lovely mess of green shiso, though, so not a total loss.

On a side note, my ginger plant has not only resurrected itself (somewhat magically if you ask me), it is doing well and has added yet another tiny sprout for a total of three!  I’m hoping my pal still wants to babysit it over the winter in his greenhouse. I think it will make a nice potted plant at some point.

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