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Productive Week and Weekend!

August 18, 2013

It is so satisfying to eat stuff you’ve grown yourself.  And to share as possible.  I mention sharing because I have hopefully found someone to supply me with genuine (ie. it grows red for her) red shiso seed from her garden and someone at work has made many co-workers happy by sharing several grocery bags full of home-grown pears!  I grabbed a couple to go with my lunch and for afternoon snack, but they are still sitting on my desk as I had neither on Friday… I was cheered to see a note taped to the coffee room table thanking the ‘mystery farmer’ for their donated pears.

I will be bringing my mom a bulb of my home-grown garlic and hopefully giving a tub of  cherry tomatoes to a friend (if I can get my girl to stop eating them all!) I will also be sharing any of the herbs that we grow, because we have tons more than we can possibly use, even with drying/freezing.  I have been fortunate in the free plants/herb department, courtesy of friends and family, so it is only fair to pass it on.

That said, a little more gardening was accomplished this weekend as well. I toted home a couple of large bags of coloured mulch to cover up the mess some creature has been making in the front bed. It seems that something is living right under where a daffodil used to be and whatever it is, is worth moving the heap of rocks I piled over the hole as well. Sigh.  Oh well, a little mulch never hurt a garden, the gardener’s back, on the other hand…

I’ve had the beet sprouts outside on the porch for the past few days, acclimatizing until I get the bed finished and some chicken wire ready.  Today the bed received a new layer of black earth and tomorrow (hopefully) a load of compost will get mixed in and then all I need is to install some chicken wire and bed the sprouts!  Sounds easy…  The sprouts are recovering from last weekend’s debacle under the cloche and since they are also multiple seedlings from one seed, I may still get a decent crop of baby beets.

Slowly attacking my ‘list,’  I finally transplanted my little rhubarb plants – sad little guys were waiting and waiting for a space of their own.  Sitting in small pot on the porch was supposed to be a temporary situation since I’d already figured out where I was going to plant them in order for them to not spread insanely throughout the jungle that is the back yard.  The previous owners had left a large concrete planter about 3ft in diameter and I figured that it would do just fine for the rhubarb as long as I was careful to amend the soil.  It took me until now to get them into the planter, so I’ll see if they are happy in a day or two.

Last but not least – I picked up a galvanized wash tub at a garage sale and was thinking of planting directly in it, but my gf thought this would destroy the tub and we should put containers in it. Any thoughts?

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