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Today’s Reminder – I Didn’t Always Hate Snow

December 17, 2013


This afternoon I looked at the weather report and groaned. More snow east and west of the city. Anticipating more snow shovelling and misery, I managed to cadge a lift home from work.

Whilst waiting for my lift, a group of our customers exited to find … snow. Instead of the groan I issued, these big guys (who come from a country with much less snow than here), started smiling and laughing and taking photos of themselves with snow falling in the background. Videos of themselves chucking snow around and generally enjoying themselves.

All I could do was smile.  I wanted to thank them for reminding me of what snow used to mean to me. It used to mean ‘ WHEE! Its Snowing!’ Snow used to mean snowball fights, snow angels, tobogganing and snowmen.

I’m not sure when winter and snow began to mean and cold and shovelling, salting and groaning.  Somewhere amid the plowed-in driveways, late buses, and slush splashes, I lost my admiration for snowfall.

Tonight, I got home, shovelled out my walk and driveway – and enjoyed it. I looked at my cleared driveway and my first thought was – this would be a great space for hockey.  I looked at the lights on my house (the first year I’ve had lights on my own house) and felt the warm and fuzzies.  Thanks guys, for reminding me I do actually like winter and the snow it brings.

2013-12-15 20.59.33

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