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30 Days of Happiness

Here you will find 30 days of the things that made me smile for each day – I may not have a picture per the norm, but I will post something that made me smile that day.

“We ask you to be mindful of the simple things in life that bring us happiness and believe that taking note of what makes you smile for 30 days can change the way you look at the world. Please share something with us or join the #30DaysofHappiness campaign! Step 1 – Take note of something that made you smile. Step 2 – Take a picture of yourself with the note in front of your smile. Step 3 – Share it with us and the world :)”

Basically, the idea is that every day, I will spend a few minutes listing the things that made me happy/made me smile throughout the day. I’ll pick one to symbolize that day and (when possible) write it on a ‘smile’, take a picture of myself and my smile and post it here /Twitter/the Smile Epidemic blog or Facebook page. Ps. I realize a good part of this is the taking of the picture, but I’m terrible at taking pictures of myself! So when I can get my partner to take a picture I will!

Check out for full details on the challenge! I bet just thinking about it will make you smile!

I started on the 25th of October after hearing about the challenge at the Ignite Health Ontario inaugural event. Jim Moss, founder of the Smile Epidemic took 5 minutes to make everyone understand and smile! What a great takeaway!

What made me smile today!

October 25: Coming up with a way to remember a passed loved one – create a post asking friends/family to post one thing that you did with that person that made you smile, a happy memory.

October 26: Waking up having not kept my honey up due to snoring (ie. the new humidifier works!)

October 27: Going out for a Halloween haunted hayride and haunted house with friends.

October 28: Walking in the village with my fiancée.

October 29: Warm homemade soup for lunch on a miserable day!

October 30: Waking up to everything, including my house in the same place I left it !

October 31: Seeing all my friends’ cute Halloween baby pictures posted on FB. Overwhelmed by cuteness!

Day 8: Bowling!

November 2: Winning $15 on a Bingo scratch card (whilst partner won 0 after consulting her oracular device on which of the two cards to choose after I brought them home).

November 3: The smile on my fiancée’s face when I bought her engagement ring!

November 4:  Hugs from my girl.

Day 12: Beach Volleyball with the Gang!

Day 13: Warm Flannel Jammy pants!

November 7:  The return of the sun!

November 8: My girl’s smile – actually her grin, which makes me smile almost every time!

Day 16: Sporty 1 vs Bell 0 FTW!

November 10:  Get-together with an eclectic group of friends!

November 11: A beautiful and productive sunny day, remembering those who gave their lives and those who continue to protect our way of life.

November 12:  Hot lunch on a gloomy, rainy day – home-roasted chicken, veggies n gravy – nom, nom, nom.

November 13: Cuddles with my honey – make the cold go away!

Day 20: How brave my honey was for speaking about herself tonight!

Day 21: Knights Comeback Win in OT

November 16: My day off!

November 17:  Too much homemade shepherd’s pie, courtesy of me 🙂

November 18: Stupid Movie Night: The Losers = Physics says No!

Day 25: Foggy Thames in London, ON

November 20: My brother & niece’s birthday – just happen to coincide 🙂

November 21: A hand-drawn cartoon of a cat dancing to Gangnam Style – reminds me of a pal.

November 22: A friend’s always welcome good humour.

November 23: The weekend is here!

DAY 30! A Trip to the Farmer’s Market!

Well, that’s supposed to be the end for my 30 Day Challenge… it wasn’t hard, except for choosing which thing made me smile the most on any given day 🙂  So… what’s next? Don’t consider it a challenge – just do it because smiling more just might make someone else around you smile a little bit more. Maybe, it will make the world around you just that little bit better because we really find out what we should be thankful for and happy about! CHEERS!

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